Career Consulting

Career Consulting

gallery_12In Career Consulting we believe there is a large gap in the services being offered - the lack of practical experience available to the career seeker in relation to their career choice in a way that their fit to the prospective career options is not fully tested.

A one-on-one work-shop experience takes the career seeker through an examination of where he/her is at as a person and where, after careful planning, he/she wants to be in a number of years from now.

Their plan must be backboned by a clear understanding of what practically the career entails. This is what we're equipped to do better than anyone else. We’ve got first hand practical experiences of seeing at close quarters the kind of person that fits the career success profile.
Getting it right the first time - The obvious benefits to the career seeker is in getting it right first time in choosing his /her College Choice and Career. Our Associates, with their broad range of practical experiences close this gap and enable the career seeker assess him/herself against the practicalities of their career choices.
Benefit. The career seeker is career ready from the moment he starts work.

In addition to Careers direction  We also offer Leadership Development Courses, Personal Development Planning, Coaching, Mentoring and Learning and Development Workshops.

Presentation Content Development and Public Delivery, Interview content prep and delivery coaching, Finance for Non Finance Management Training, Senior Management Position Recruitment and Sales Technique Training

Microsoft Suite Training

  • Excel/Pivot Tables
  • Power Point
  • Word
  • Data Base Mangt.
  • CRM Training

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